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UPSKY Hotels & Resorts, an Extension of Arden House

On September 17, 1886, railroad magnate Edward Henry Harriman bought at auction the 7,863-acre Peter Parrott family estate for $52,500. By the early nineteen hundreds the Harriman family owned 40,000 acres in the area. Harriman hired Carrère and Hastings, the famous architects of New York Public Library, to design a home (Arden House), which was begun in 1905 and completed in 1909 solely with American products and American workmen. An elegant 100,000+ square foot mansion set atop the 1,300-foot Mount Orama in Harriman, New York, Arden House is located within 40 miles of midtown Manhattan. This unique cultural, historic and environmental asset is surrounded by the 110,000-acre Palisades Interstate Park with breathtaking views, rolling forests and private lakes.

In 1915, Harriman's son, W. Averell Harriman (former New York governor and Secretary of Commerce of the US), was given the house by his widowed mother, then the richest women in the US. Following use by the Navy in World War II, W. Averell Harriman donated the house to Columbia University to host the prestigious domestic and foreign policy think tank American Assembly founded by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1950. Arden House became a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

Inheriting the rich history of Arden House Since 2011, Upsky Group, an international multifunctional organization covering technology, education,natural conservation, and business, is to extend the merits of Arden House and create another round of brightness of Arden House.

As an extension of Arden House’s rich culture and hospitality, Upsky Hotels & Resorts owns and operates hotels and resorts across the pacific from New York to Shanghai and from San Francisco toSouth China.